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Meeting Room Policies



Meeting Room Reservation Form  Please print the form, fill it out and return to the library, or fax it to 603 746-6799.

The Board of Trustees and Staff of the Hopkinton Town Library are pleased to be able to provide meeting space to members of our community.  The Library’s Richard W. Bates Community Room and Local History Room are available free of charge to any organizations in Hopkinton engaging in educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities and events, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting its use. While Library-sponsored or affiliated activities will be given priority, booking in general will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Our meeting rooms are not available to: commercial enterprises or organizations for the promotion of or the sale of goods or services for monetary gain; nor for purely private social functions.  Some exceptions may be considered with the approval of the Library Director, including Friends of the Library events and author readings or book talks.

If an organization wishes to make a contribution to the Library as a result of its room use, it would be much appreciated and used to help defray utility and cleaning costs.  Checks should be made payable to the Hopkinton Town Library.

 It is the Library Board of Trustee's intent to provide access to our meeting rooms for as many eligible groups as possible. Since there may be conflicts in scheduling, we ask your cooperation as we try to accommodate all requests.  The Meeting Room calendar is available at our website www.hopkintontownlibrary.org/community_room_calendar.htm.  The calendar is for your reference only and can only be updated by library staff.

 How do I Reserve the Community Room or the Local History Room?

1.    Any new group or organization wishing to reserve a meeting room must contact the Library Director for an initial discussion of usage procedures and to obtain a Room Reservation Form. This form must by updated annually on the anniversary date of your initial application to use rooms.  The person signing the form must be a Hopkinton resident over the age of 18 and will be held responsible for the group's adherence to usage rules.

2.    For returning groups, assuming contact and other pertinent information has not changed, all subsequent bookings can be made with Library Staff.

3.  After filling out a Room Reservation form, groups may contact the library in person, via email (info@hopkintontownlibrary.org) or by phone (746-3663) to check on room availability and to make a reservation.

4.  Room reservations may be scheduled up to three months in advance, beginning on the first of the month (e.g. reservations for meetings in June may be made in March).  Reservations for one time only special events can be made as much as one year in advance.

5.  If an organization is not local, it must be represented by at least one Hopkinton resident, who is responsible for filling out the room reservation form.    

6.  Cancellation of use by any group should be made known to Library Staff as soon as possible so other groups can be accommodated. The Library reserves the right to cancel any meeting or event in the case of emergency due to such things as dangerous weather conditions, power outages, etc. or upon occasion the Library’s own need for the space.

7.  Use of the Library does not constitute Library endorsement and no announcements or advertisements should imply such. The Library may not be used as a mailing, communication or headquarters address for any organization, nor will the Library Staff take personal non-emergency calls for people attending meetings.

8.  The Community Room is available during and after Library hours. Activities during normal Library hours shall in no way interfere with the Library's normal functions and services.   Please do not leave children under the age of ten unattended in the library while you are in a meeting.  The Local History Room is only available during hours when the library is open unless special arrangements have been made with the Library Director.

9.   For after-hours usage, the contact person will be required to pick up and sign for the key while the Library is open.    (If there is a reason that the contact person listed on the form is not able to pick up the key, Library Staff must be notified at least one day in advance.)

10.  No  meeting, function, or activity may extend beyond the hour of 11:00 p.m. unless prior approval is given by the Library Director.

Meeting Room Profiles and Requirements.

The area referred to as the Community Room has a capacity of eighty and includes a meeting room, three rest rooms (in entry hall), and the kitchen.   It is accessed by a door to the left of the main entrance as one faces the library. 

The Community Room has available eight folding tables and 75 stacking chairs. The kitchen is available for the preparation and serving of refreshments, but all supplies are the responsibility of the booked group.  Groups may use the refrigerator, stove, microwave and coffee machine but are responsible for clean up and are asked to be sure that everything is left in neat order.  A piano, podium, television with VCR and DVD player, slide and overhead projector and screen are available.  Please check with staff in advance on the availability of these items. 

All setup and cleanup (including chairs and tables) is the responsibility of the group and should be accomplished within the reserved room time.  All doors and windows must be checked and secured before a group leaves for the day.

The Local History Room has a capacity of fifteen around an oval table.  Two bathrooms are in the hallway directly outside the LHR.  No food or drink is allowed in this room unless prior approval has been given by the Library Director.  Audio-visual equipment may be used in the LHR if prior arrangements have been made.

Parking:  If your meeting takes place during regular library hours, please ask participants to park in the lot to the right of the library as you face it. Thank you.

Meeting Room use is subject to the same restrictions as the Library building and grounds:

·        Smoking and alcohol consumption are not permitted in any part of the Library or on Library grounds;

·        Attendance must not exceed room occupancy of eighty for the Community Room and fifteen for the Local History Room as set by the fire warden;

·        Except for seeing eye/service dogs, no animals or other pets shall be allowed in any part of the library unless they are part of a program approved by the Library Director;

·        A supervising adult must be present when minors are in attendance;

·        Hazardous materials and firearms are prohibited on premises.

The Library is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any equipment or materials owned or rented by an individual, group, or organization using its Meeting Rooms. Any individual, group, or organization using the meeting rooms shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library building, grounds, collections, or equipment caused by the group or organization, its members, or those attending its program.

Any individual, group, or organization holding a meeting in the Library must fully release and discharge the Hopkinton Town Library, its trustees and staff, the Town of Hopkinton, and its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims from injuries, including death, damages, or loss, which may arise or which may be alleged to have arisen out of, or in connection with the meeting. They must further indemnify and hold harmless and defend the Hopkinton Town Library, its trustees and staff, the Town of Hopkinton, and its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims resulting from injuries, including death, damages, and losses, including but not limited to the general public, which may arise or may be alleged to have arisen out of, or in connection with the meeting.

Failure to abide by the Library's Meeting Room policy and rules of conduct may result in the cancellation or refusal of future reservations.

The Hopkinton Town Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy as is deemed necessary by the Board.


Rev. 07/16/98

Rev. 10/16/07

Rev. 5/26/09

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